The Calling

Global Elite TV | Alternative Media

The Calling is a documentary by Max Igan, one of my favorite voices. He has an excellent grasp of the “big picture”, from the geo-politcal to the socio-economic, to the nature of reality and everything in between.

Like many of the brilliant voices out there helping us rediscover ourselves, he holds no degrees from university, he is simply awake.

For many people who have just recently become students of  the awakening process he is really good at summarizing the big picture which is a wonderful contribution for those who just don’t have the time to keep up with everything.

And this is where the film The Calling comes in , if you have someone , a family member or friend who you would like to give some exposure to on the way the world actually works as apposed to the fantasy world we are all indoctrinated into, then the calling…

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